Curators’ Studios

INTERFERENCE is a research and learning environment on artistic research, production, and display of contemporary art. The INTERFERENCE Studios are learning collectives and take care of the production of a selected number of artworks. Each studio is led by a local curator, for all of them, it is the first time that they take responsibility for an exhibition program in public space. They work closely with the directors Bettina Pelz and Aymen Gharbi as well as with the artists associated with the studio. Khouloud Benzarte and Frankie Macaulay, Mariem Essaddi and Nour Ben Hadid, Amin Gharbi and Hela Doghri, Salma Kossemtini and Dora Touati, Hayfa Mahmoud and Ons Kammoun, Syrine Siala and Justin Malachowski are the curatorial teams that have been working for more than a year to prepare for this exhibition project.

Three of studios have been named after artists’ initiatives, collectives, and movements that had an impact on contemporary art in the last 100 years which are loosely affiliated with each studio cluster: LIGHT AND SPACE in the USA, ZERO in Germany and GRAV in France. The CANDELA STUDIO refers to the initiative CANDELA with focus on exchange, networking, and co-production on light and art in Africa. The CULTURAL HERITAGE STUDIO is dedicated to artistic interaction with personal and cultural heritage and the ECO STUDIO works with artists that turn waste into resources.

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