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Photos: Lia Sáile
Interference Site: Bab Bhar
Interference Work: In Between Lights

For the International Light Art Project COLLUMINA, a partner project of Tunis-based International Light Art Project INTERFERENCE, Lia Sáile developed an art project. “In Between Light” is a documentation of two streetlights, one traveling from Tunis to Cologne and another one that moved from Cologne to Tunis. Both are intended to become permanent installations in public space. The Tunis’ one should be positioned at the Hahnentorgate and the Cologne one next to Bab Bhar, both sites are landmarks of the historic and the present cityscapes.

Background of the conceptual artwork is the long-term partnership between the City of Cologne and the City of Tunis. In 1964, Cologne and Tunis became sister cities to enhance exchange and tie the links between the cities via joint social, cultural and sporting events. >>

Lia Sáile studied Theater, Film, and Media in Vienna [at] till 2009 and since 2017, she is a student of the Media Art Academy Cologne [KHM]. She developed the idea of “In Beteeen Lights” for the first edition of the International LIght Art Project COLLUMINA and her project is one of six that have been chosen to be realized. >>

“By exchanging a Tunis street light with a Cologne street light, IN BETWEEN LIGHTS creates a visible connection link between them, highlighting 65 years of inter-continental partnership between the twin cities in Tunisia and Germany, Northern Africa and Europe.” >>

The first public presentation of the project “In Between Lights” took place during COLLUMINA, from March 22 to 24, 2018, in the Art Gallery Seippel.

Photos: Lia Sáile


2018 | Cologne and Tunis, [de]/[tn], IN BETWEEN LIGHTS project
2017 | Cologne [de], HOME AWAY FROM HOME , Sightfenster
2016 | New Delhi [in], CON-TEXTURE, KHOJ International artist association
2013 | Irsee [de], INSTALLATION VIEW, Monastery Irsee
2012/2013 | Irsee [de], Site specific video installations, v-jaying, live performances during concerts.


2017- | Cologne [de], Academy of Media Arts, Postgraduate studies
2004-2009 | Vienna [at], University of Vienna, Diploma [phil.] with distinction, theatre, film and media studies
2007-2008 | Malta [mt], University of Malta
2004-2009 | Vienna [at], University of Vienna, Theatre, Film and Media studies, University of Vienna, [at


Lives and works in Vienna [at], and Cologne [de]
1985 | Cologne [de], Born






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