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September 2 – 4, 2018 // 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm + indiviuidual working time // Dar Interference + Sidi Boukhrissan

Cultural Heritage >> Media Art
Workshop with Robert Sochacki

If you have a MAC computer, please bring it.
We will be working with MODUL8. There is a free trial version that should be good enough for the workshop.

Please send us an email, if you want to take part: MAIL
Admission to the workshop is free for all dedicated participants.

Robert Sochacki manipulates imagery and environments for large-scale architecture projections. His artistic practice is based on drawing, painting, and photography, he collages found footage and original visuals tor the interplay with natural or architectural landscapes. In the workshop, he will share his way of working. He will introduce the technical framework for projection as well as the software MODUL8 and its use. He will discuss the esthetical and conceptual impact of the technical aspects.

In accordance with the focus of INTERFERENCE 2018, the focus for content development will be on individual and collective memory, on traditional patterns and cliche imagery, on known heritage and on forgotten parts. All participants will be asked to develop their own project during the workshop days.

The best workshop results will become part of the INTERFERENCE exhibition program.

From LIGHT AS A CREATIVE TOOL Gdansk _ curated by Robert Sochacki and Wera Morawiec

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