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“I work on the image for its duality : transcription of the reality , ou appearance / phenomena.
I use electronic technologies  and electrical [light, shadow, celluloid], through two forms of writing : performance and fixation.
Audiovisual performance is conceived as presence, the experience of a time of shared gaze.I design devices and partitions, based on the properties of the machines and their substance [processing of the video signal, the light material of the projectors, etc.].
Fixation: the montage film, the installation, the projection on objects and prepared screens, the environment [the spatialization and fragmentation of images].
These creations are always “protean”, intended to live plural, singular or hybrid co-existences between film, installation and performance.”


2018 |Casablanca [ma], Dot line weft | International Festival of video Art of Casablanca

2017 |Clermont-Ferrand [fr], Totemtronic | International Digital Arts Festival

2017 |Paris [fr], khromacousma | Festival Serendip Lab

2016 |Paris [fr], The reverse of the image | Laboratoire artistique The window

2013 |Paris [fr], Conte cosmogonique | Tripoteca psychedelic film festival


D.E.U.G. Modern Letters, Lyon 2 University
Master of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Studies, Lyon 2 University
Certificate of Aptitude to Socio-Educational Animation
Master 2 Film and Audiovisual Studies, University Lyon 2

Lives and works in Lyon [fr]



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