Curators develop the conceptual framework, chose artists, sites, and works and care for the production of the exhibition program. Part of their tasks is the communication, mediation and critical debate of the exhibition program and its artworks.


The production team supports the artists and curators in the technical production of the artworks. They care for security and safety as well.


Site and tour guides care for sites, artists and artworks, and the audience. During production, they assist artists and curators in the preparations; during the exhibition time, they are on-site and assist the audience.


Fundraising and documentation, coordination and communication as well as all administration are done in small teams.


All accomplices are trained in a series of workshops and on the spot by Bettina Pelz, Aymen Gharbi, and selected experts.

September 2 // Site Guiding

September 1 // Community Lab

August 25-26 // Focus: Contemporary Art and Environmental Awareness

August 18-19 // Focus: Art Mediation

August 4-5 // Focus: Light in Fine Arts

from August 1 // The Curators’ Project

June 29-30 // Focus: Contemporary Art and Cultural Heritage

March 31 – April 1 // Focus: Contemporary Art in Public Space


The INTERFERENCE Collective welcomes volunteers, if you want to join this great adventure please follow the link >> Apply here … For further information, write us at: MAIL or call us at: +21692099257 or +21650624777.

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