United States Embassy Tunis

The U.S. embassy in Tunis is proud to support the participation of American artists in INTERFERENCE because we strongly believe in the value of cross-cultural exchange. We also admire INTERFERENCE’s innovative work in highlighting the wonder of the Medina, and in building Tunisian youth’s leadership skills and capacity for creative expression. U.S. embassy

Syrine Siala

I’m an Architect by background, and I got my diploma since 2016. I’m part of INTERFERENCE Collective since 2 year. Working in the medina, with its heritage, hidden sites and architecture is just amazing. What we are building, is not only an exhibition of 4 nights, but a whole framework, environment and relations and I’m […]

Association Internationale des Maires Francophones

One of the objectives of the “Association internationale des Maires francophones” is to link, or reconcile heritage and development. the initiative of INTERFERENCE is a step in this direction. It popularizes techniques including visual, light but also sounds, to project heritage in the imagination of citizens, to strengthen the sense of belonging to a territory, […]

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