Malika Hagemann

Malika Hagemann IT2018

INTERFERENCE Site : Driba Dar general Hassine
General Hassine Square

Malika Hagemann Referential

Referential works 2013-2018 // Malika Hagemann // Photos: Malika Hagemann, HBKsaar

The Act Of Repetition

We repeat every day. We carry a repertoire of actions and habits through our whole lifetime.
Sometimes we feel the need to break through, sometimes we are forced to. These actions are essential in our lives. They give the feeling of hold and safety. They connect us with each other but they can be boring as well.
Furthermore, boredom is nowadays a feeling we can barely find and we prefer to avoid. There are enough options to do so. But to me, this feeling is the essential basis to get my mind started, to play and be creative.
Repetition can be part of my work, a reason or a motor.
The idea of repetition is carved in the tree’s annual rings and in our fingerprints.”[text: Malika Hagemann]

“I’m very lucky to be part of the INTERFERENCE Project. It is my first time in Tunisia and the first time to join an international project. The environment of this city, especially the Medina of Tunis is totally new and inspiring to me. The light, colours and architecture are so different from what I’m used to see. I’m curious about how this very unique atmosphere will influence my work – for the festival and the future.” [text: Malika Hagemann]


2018 | Saarbruecken[de], REVOLVER, Saarlandmuseum
2015 | Saarbruecken[de], DER VERSUCH with Akosua Adu-Sanyah, Moderne Galerie Tausendmal
2013 | Wadern[de], Schloss Dagstuhl-Leibniz-Center for Informatics


2011 – today| Saarbruecken[de], School of Fine Arts [HBKSaar], Studying Media Art Design, Lightart and Mixed Media.
2009| Secondary school Degree


1989 | Lueneburg[de],Born